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Cross Culture

Kirk Wayne Andrew Charmaine Dezi

"To be Christian is not to negate our culture...... but to use our culture to relate to the world".

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They ostensibly sound like the old Reggae an authentic Rasta band....they have been likened to Bunny Ruggs, Dezi Roots and Leroy Sibbles...a real root, rock, reggae sound. But with an uplifting difference. They sing to the Lord.....They are Christian.....They are Cross Culture.

The name Cross Culture is symbolic of their Christian beliefs.... taking on the Christian responsibility "Pick up your cross". More specifically it acknowledges the culture of the Cross. But their dream is to reach across all barriers and truly provide a passageway for all, through their music. And so it does. What with the rhythmic reggae expressions carefully intertwined with thought-provoking Christian lyrics....Cross Cultures music appeals to all ages...from the more roots sounding songs of "God is Great" to the caressing rockers sound of "I am Free".

Their main assets are their differences. They see themselves as the link for all lovers of Reggae and God... as that connecting bridge between the two. The group started 7 years ago, the main idea not only to have fun... but also to provide an outlet for young Christians interested in music. After the usual teething pains and numerous changes Wayne, Kirk, Dezi, Andy and, the sole female, Charmaine, have finally decided to combine the best of their best into their debut album 'Without Limits'. These five talented young Christians have managed to combine their differences, and create exceptionally beautiful music. Each member brings their own specific gifts to the group...the diplomatic thinker and Base player, Kirk Williams aka "Mr. Groove"...the passionate drummer, Desmond Rose, aka "Dezi"...the multi-faceted Lead Vocalist, Andrew Stone aka "Andy"...the affectionate Wayne Hector, Guitarist....and the sole woman and Keyboard player, Charmine Bowman aka Charm...the rose amongst thorns.

In the broadest sense of the word, Cross Culture is a Reggae band, fusing their music with country, pop and all other sounds that work for them. Throughout the years they have performed locally and internationally with much success, including the Jamaica Youth for Christ Road Shows, and as guest performers in Minnesota and Arizona, during Black History month, for two consecutive years.

Proud Christian Jamaicans....Cross Culture intends to share their vision with the world. According to their spokesperson and lead vocalist Andrew Stone, they want to take the thought-provoking sounds of reggae merged with the wonders of the word, to all the people in the world. Jamaica he says "needs to treat and honor its gifts...make the best presentation and offer it to the world". Cross Culture will be Jamaica’s representative...extremely proud of their culture, their race and in his own words "their black skins, kinky hair and broad noses" ....they intend to be part of the care and protection of Jamaica’s people. Jamaicans need to express God through their culture. "The international influences on our belief are too let us show the world God through Jamaica’s eyes....through the yam hills...the blue mountains and our own Ackee and Saltfish. To be Christian is not to negate our culture....but to use our culture to relate to the world".

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